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Mike Cannon (James Lesure) - The Montecito's Head Valet, Mike is actually a genius graduate of MIT who moved to Vegas for the adventure.After Danny is promoted to Head of Security, he brings Mike upstairs as a member of the Security team.

He was soon promoted to President of Operations, and became responsible for the day-to-day running of the casino.

The show started off with him giving voiceover explanations about what was happening, but this was quickly dropped part of the way into the first season.

In the fourth season, Danny and Delinda got together and Delinda got pregnant, and in the fifth season, he was promoted to Ed's old job as President of Operations.

That said, his history hardly contradicts the popular saying that the quiet ones are the worst.

In 1994, he was fined ,900 and sentenced to community service after he set fire to the sofa during a live interview with Jay Leno for The Tonight Show.

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