Updating uboot absolute dating volcanic ash layers

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All these companies are using SDK from Qualcomm/Atheros which includes modified version of U-Boot 1.1.4.

You can download original sources from the following pages: The concept for this project came from another U-Boot modification, dedicated to a small and very popular TP-Link router - model TL-WR703N, which includes web fail safe mode: wr703n-uboot-with-web-failsafe.

And, once you upgrade via that device, you can run "having your internet cut out on you in the middle of a crucial file could be pretty disastrous" No.

Starting from , ready images, built on Raspberry Pi 3 with LEDE toolchain, are available on my server.

Images are built and uploaded on FTP only when master branch in repository was updated - custom script checks this once per day.

There is a Linux version of the process as well that does not rely on these images. If used, it is up to the user to make sure the correct files are used in the process.

You can find information on this process at Linux SW Update Method You will need a micro SD card of 4GB or greater.

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