Survivor parvati dating

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To shop for an equally show stopping white cut out maxi dress, look to the edit below with styles from Asos, Lipsy and Nasty Gal.

With a backless and side-less one shoulder design and a wide split to one leg, Amanda was certainly baring all in this gown, but with a figure like hers, why not?

Styled by Angie Smith, Amanda rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to her BGT looks and tonight was no exception.

The general consensus is that it’s “prettier” or that her name “isn’t very feminine.” When asked directly, she finds it difficult to be rude, so will only say that she prefers her full name.

It’s now at the point where I’m having to inform my new senior manager that the nickname isn’t appropriate, because staff members have informed her that the nickname is preferred.

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