Ovation electric guitaracoustic dating

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That led to the unique rounded composite back that's found on all of Ovation's guitars, an innovation which delivers great sound and a comfortable playing experience.The backs of the guitars weren't the only things that Charles Kaman decided to approach from a new angle, either.His vision has led to Ovation becoming known as a company that is equal parts forward thinking and timeless; a brand that doesn’t yield to standards, but rather, creates them.Ovation guitars are built paying close attention to sound and shape, with help from some of the finest materials available.

Another one is something that you'll notice right away on the i Dea, Adamas, Elite and Celebrity Deluxe guitars: instead of a traditional tone hole, they use a special arrangement of 22 smaller ones.So now it's time for you to pick up an Ovation guitar of your own, but which one is right for you?Well, that's going to be a matter of personal preference and skill level.Ovation acoustic guitars have always strived to take their fans on a voyage in sound.Founded by guitar virtuoso Charlie Kaman in 1966, Ovation began as a quest to discover a sound that Charlie always knew, but had never heard.

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