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She also produced a list of his Facebook friends, including his mother, sister, uncles and cousins and threatened to send them the images if he did not pay up.

Over the next two days she repeatedly contacted him demanding more money.

Afterward, a man calling himself Dave threatened the girls by email or in chat rooms, saying he would post nude photos of them on the Internet unless they posed nude for him again through their webcams.

Lesiewicz pleaded guilty in 2010 to 95 charges from incidents that occurred between 20. Prosecutors accuse Kazaryan of hacking into the women’s accounts and searching Facebook messages, emails and other files for nude or semi-nude pictures of them.

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The creator of the site (James Thomas) notes that Girl House is more addicting to users than other webcam sites because—by watching the girls hang out naturally, watching movies, making breakfast, in addition to asking them to perform—users feel like they’re getting to know them.Its shortcomings fall mostly into the realm of a tiny budget, some bad guy over-simplification, and an over-reliance on jumps rather than terror.But for a slasher film, there is suitable attention to detail and a reputable level of respect for all the characters.Most were age 14 to 19, but a couple were in their 20s.Lesiewicz created the Internet profile of a girl and used it to communicate with teenage girls in chat rooms to persuade them to remove their clothes and pose online.

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