Dating spoof video

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He also refers to martinis as “‘tinis,” which might be enough for us to never casually download Tinder “for research purposes” ever again.

The video was written and directed by Connor Hines, with whom — full disclosure — I took theater class in undergrad. Hines also plays the “Trent” character, alongside Katie Corwin as “Maeve” and Diana Stern — with whom I also took theater class — as the waitress.

“I was like, my mom and her book club will probably check it out, and that will be the end of it.” But in the week and a half since it hit You Tube, the “Local Attraction” pilot has already raked in over 10,000 views — clearly striking a chord with young people well-versed in the potential woes of online dating. I sort of thought I was taking it to the extreme, but I’m getting messages like, ‘I’ve been on a date with someone like Trent.’ I’m like, ‘Are you alright?

“I was astounded by how many people felt that they related to the experience,” Mr. '” The pilot episode was funded out of pocket, but Mr.

While the rest of the world complains about i Phone 7 getting rid of headphone jacks and introducing wireless earphones (that you’ll likely lose), the Thai-French comedian used the opportunity to parody the i Phone 7 presentation that took place in San Francisco on Wednesday.

A bacon burger is waaay healthier than fish served with rice pilaf. Cavemen ate meat and lived longer, healthier lives than us, right?!

Explaining how the app works, Leslie claims that the men are only allowed to upload passport photos or photos of them pretending to hold the Leaning Tower of Pisa - 'that way, we can't focus on their looks,' she adds before her date arrives to the table, apologizing for being late because he doesn't have a car.

Leslie greets the news with a forced smile and a 'whatever!’s latest ‘SEC shorts’ video makes a hilarious mockery of the College Football Playoff through speed dating, a quick get-to-know-you alternative to the selection committee’s drawn out saga for selecting the final four.

This commercial for the new show Casual on Hulu is sure to make anyone chuckle, especially if you've ever gone Paleo in the name of Cross Fit.

The skit, starring Vanessa Bayer, Kate Mc Kinnon, Sasheer Zamata, and Leslie Jones fake smiling their way through marketing the app towards women looking to speed along the courting process so they can get hitched as soon as possible.

'The fact that the dating scenarios are not that of the usual dating nightmares of men living out of their cars or not having a job seems to have made hit a bit too close to home for some viewers, as one Twitter user dubbed the skit: 'the most terrifying SNL sketch ever'.

Mr Assange, who has been confied to the Ecuadorean embassy in London for more than a year, is running for a seat in the Australian Senate in elections on Sept 7.

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