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Welcome to the fastest growing Croatian dating community in the world. Find romance, love or marriage in your area or worldwide. Locals tell you that Split is the most beautiful city in the world.Free Ok Date is a 100% free Croatia online ok dating service.

You have wet hair, which means you can’t leave the house if you’re within 50 meters of your Croatian Aunt, Uncle, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, neighbor – hell you can’t leave the house with wet hair if your Croatian dog is watching. d I guarantee, if you leave the house with wet hair, that Croatian relative, friend, acquaintance even a stranger who is walking the dog will intervene. No, you can’t ask, you must just go back indoors, and whip out that hair dryer. I live in Dalmatia, where there is a wind known as the Bura, a powerful north-easterly wind that is so strong that when it blows will clear the sky of any clouds, and also uproots giant trees. You’d be hard pressed to find any Croatian family where there is not an emphasis on family, friends, and food. Offering drinks, pre-meal snacks, a meal, a second helping, even third helping, cake, coffee, and then more drink to your guests is a must. To avoid being rude (or in some cases being nagged) here is what I suggest you do.If you beat your wife or screw someone else...sooner or later, EVERYONE knows and you dishonor yourself and family.So, it rarely happens....except among ex-military who suffer from PTSD. Abortion is covered by their govt health care..again, everyone would know and you'd dishonor your family...Stylish beauty unparallelled, and - if truth be told - a little intimidating for an outsider, despite my Dalmatian roots.And they say too that Split and Dalmatian men are among the most handsome in the world, and I certainly would not disagree. after more than a year living in this magnificent city, I am happily single in my mid-twenties, with absolutely NO plans to date a Dalmatian guy. And just in case I thought it was something about me, I caught up with some of my girl friends over coffee recently, some expats, some locals, to get their opinions on the joys of dating a Dalmatinac.

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