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But the second interrogation, by Lea Michele during their Facebook Live, was much more in-depth and entertaining.Lautner tried really hard to dodge her questions; Michele wouldn't let him.Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner staged a mini "Twilight" reunion Tuesday night at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. We can once again stare at Taylor Lautner's abs without feeling guilt over the fact that he has a girlfriend (but honestly, when has that ever stopped us before?! The 'Twilight' hunk, 22, and his former co-star Marie Avgeropoulos, 28, have broken up after dating for a year-and-a-half.The pair initially met on the 2013 set of 'Tracers,' in which they played — what else — lovers. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) It's no secret the actor is a fan of romancing his leading ladies — who all happen to be older than him!He's previously been linked to both Lily Collins, 25, his co-star in 2011's 'Abduction,' and Taylor Swift, 25, who appeared with him in 2010's 'Valentine's Day.' We're preparing ourselves for the inevitable fight to break out over his affections.Let's hope they last longer off-screen than they do on-screen.In the words of Gretchen Weiners, "Ex-boyfriends are just like, off limits to friends" — and that's usually true, in the real world.

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"Lily told pals that she wasn't looking to fall in love, but soon realized she had strong romantic feelings," a source says, adding: "Taylor was smitten from day one, but Lily let him know she was in a relationship with a stuntman who was working on a Steven Spielberg movie in New Mexico.

On Sunday night Keke posted a picture of Taylor making out with Billie Lourde while hanging at The Nice Guy lounge in Los Angeles.

Keke's caption simply reads "Omg omg omg OMG," suggesting her castmates' kissing sesh came as quite a surprise.

As with Taylor's past on-set romances, Billie plays his on-screen love interest, too.

There's no word on whether the costars are officially dating, but they would make a pretty hot couple.

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